Terms and Conditions

This document constitutes the terms and conditions (the "Agreement") governing reservations made with BRASSERIE NOVEMBER (hereinafter referred to as "the Restaurant"). By making a reservation, patrons (hereinafter referred to as "the Patron") agree to abide by the terms set forth herein.

1. Reservations / Bookings Everyone in our team is dedicated to ensuring that all of our guests have an enjoyable time with us. To enable us to ensure this, we hope that you will understand that we can only take bookings for our restaurant on the following terms and conditions:

2. Scope and Application
The following provisions shall apply to all bookings at the “BRASSERIE NOVEMBER” restaurant, the NOVEMBER GASTRO GMBH.

3. Reservation and Cancellation Policy
This document constitutes the reservation and cancellation policy (the "Policy") of NOVEMBER BRASSERIE (hereinafter referred to as "the Restaurant"). By making a reservation with the Restaurant, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein.

4. Limited Seating and Fresh Food Preparation
Due to the limited number of seats in our restaurant and our commitment to preparing all food items freshly and with meticulous care, the Restaurant regrets to inform patrons that flexibility in seat allocation and reservation adjustments is constrained.

5. Ingredient Procurement Based on Bookings
The Restaurant procures fresh ingredients based on confirmed reservations. Larger bookings, in particular, necessitate substantial preparation, leading to the regrettable refusal of service to other potential customers.

6. Cancellation and No-show Considerations
Recognizing the significant losses incurred by the Restaurant in the event of unhonored bookings or cancellations at an unreasonably late stage, patrons are hereby notified of the following provisions:

a. Minimization of Losses:
In circumstances where a booking is not honored or is canceled unreasonably late, the Restaurant reserves the right to minimize losses incurred. This may involve imposing reasonable charges or fees.

b. Notification Absence:
Patrons are hereby advised that, in such events, the Restaurant may not provide separate notifications. It is the responsibility of patrons to familiarize themselves with this Policy and its implications.

c. Understanding and Acknowledgment:
By making a reservation with the Restaurant, patrons acknowledge their understanding of the aforementioned policies and agree to abide by them. The Restaurant reserves the right to amend or update these policies at its discretion, with any such changes becoming effective upon posting.

7. Contact Information
For further inquiries or clarification regarding this reservation and cancellation policy, please contact us either via hello@november.berlin or +49 162 3332 135.

8. Reservation Acceptance and Credit Card Details
The Restaurant reserves the right not to accept bookings unless credit card details are provided. The Restaurant is entitled to charge the no-show fee, as stated in the reservation details, to the respective credit card unless paid at the restaurant immediately after the meal. Additionally, the Restaurant reserves the right to charge any applicable compensation as per the provisions outlined in this Agreement.

9. Binding Nature of Bookings
Bookings made with the Restaurant are binding concerning the time and the number of seats booked, corresponding to the number of guests specified in the reservation.

10. Cancellation Policy
a. Bookings can be canceled free of charge, either in their entirety or in part (i.e., in respect of individual guests), up to 24 hours before the booked time.

b. If a booking is not canceled by the stipulated time, the Restaurant is entitled to charge a fixed compensation fee of €50 per guest or €70 per person for group reservations larger than seven people, for each guest who does not turn up or cancels late unless the vacant place is filled by another (paying) guest.

c. The same compensation applies if booked seats are not taken at the agreed time, i.e., if guests do not turn up at all, or a smaller number than booked turn up.

11. Exceptions and Compensation Claims
a. The Restaurant shall not be entitled to claim compensation if a late cancellation or failure to appear is due to circumstances beyond the Patron's control.

b. Patrons have the liberty to prove that their late cancellation or failure to appear did not result in any loss to the Restaurant or that any losses incurred are significantly lower than the fixed compensation as per section 10(b).

12. Allocation of Unclaimed Seats
a. Where reserved seats are not taken 15 minutes after the allocated time, the Restaurant is entitled to allocate these seats otherwise.

b. Sections 10(b) and 12(a) shall also apply in such cases. However, any income revenue generated by the Restaurant as a result of reallocating the seats shall be set off against any compensation due as per section 10(b).

13. Cancellation Procedure
Cancellations can only be made 24 hours in advance via the website, the cancellation links provided in reservation emails, or by email to hello@november.berlin.

14. Patron Acknowledgment
By making a reservation with the Restaurant, the Patron acknowledges their understanding of and agreement to comply with these terms and conditions.